We have a new name…

Dear Friends,

You may have seen the name ‘Padam Sangha Ltd.’ appear in books by Sri Mooji, as well as in the various other media such as videos, live broadcasts and CDs that share Sri Mooji’s pointings.

‘Padam Sangha Ltd.’ is changing its name to ‘Mooji Media Ltd.’ as this name more clearly represents the role of this company within the Sangha—to share and preserve the teachings of Sri Mooji. The company remains the same in its objectives and service even though it has adopted a new name.

The publishing area previously known as ‘Mooji Media’ will now be known as ‘Mooji Media Publications’, as this more clearly reflects its focus—to publish Sri Mooji’s pointings in the written form. Mooji Media Publications falls under the umbrella of Mooji Media Ltd.

In loving service,

Mooji Media Ltd. &
Mooji Media Publications

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