Release of Mooji’s Books White Fire and The Mala of God in the US

Dear Friends,
We are very happy to announce that Mooji’s profound books, White Fire and The Mala of God, are now available throughout the US through New Harbringer Publications

White Fire is 800 gleaming sparks of wisdom from Mooji’s essential spiritual teachings that have the power to ignite a burning flame within your heart, clear away confusion and doubt, and reveal your true nature as perfect and timeless Being. Replete with new colour photos and Mooji’s mystical ink drawings, White Fire is an unsparing light for complete Self-realisation.
The Mala of God unveils the intimate, mystical ways of the praying heart, and provides insight for those yearning to discover their true nature. Including over 100 powerful prayers and blessings, complemented by Mooji’s drawings and handwritten sayings throughout, The Mala of God provides wisdom and inspiration that sets your heart free.

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