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White Fire
Spiritual insights and teachings from advaita zen master Mooji

White Fire imageWhite Fire is a collection of close to 800 sayings
which encapsulate and compress Mooji’s essential
spiritual teachings into pill form.

These end-of-the-road pointings, when swallowed,
are like divine grenades that wipe out suffering and delusion thus revealing one’s true nature
as perfect and timeless being.


“Fire burns everything leaving only ashes
But there is a fire so fierce it burns even ashes —White Fire.
Burn me like this, O White Fire, Grace of God
until nothing remains but You.”

Although White Fire is full of wise, direct and encouraging guidance, it is not for the faint-hearted seeker who is only looking to reinforce a spiritual identity or projections. For those who come with openness and a Yes in their heart for Truth, may the white fire in this book ignite within your heart, leaving only the clear space of pure seeing and being.

Available in Softcover
Publication Date 12 November, 2014
Publisher  Mooji Media Publications
Colour Edition ISBN 978-1-908408-18-1
Standard Edition ISBN 978-1-908408-19-8 
Colour Edition from
Standard Edition from Amazon and major booksellers

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