Release of the Mala of God by Sri Mooji

We are delighted to announce the up-coming release of The Mala of God, a book of prayers, blessings and drawings by Sri Mooji.

The Mala of God is a spiritual gift, an expression of the surrendered heart filled with prayer, devotion and gratitude to the Supreme, yet it is imbued with the unsparing wisdom and power of self-inquiry. With profound simplicity, Mooji unveils the intimate mystical ways of the praying heart and directly introduces the Formless to those yearning to discover their true nature as the Awareness God-Self. Even one prayer fully swallowed is enough to set your heart free in the infinity of Being.

In celebration of the release of this new book, you can find a beautiful piece of writing by Mooji on the power of true prayer here. You can also download a preview of the book here The Mala of God is available from

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