Release of Mooji’s Books White Fire and The Mala of God in the US

Dear Friends,
We are very happy to announce that Mooji’s profound books, White Fire and The Mala of God, are now available throughout the US through New Harbringer Publications

White Fire is 800 gleaming sparks of wisdom from Mooji’s essential spiritual teachings that have the power to ignite a burning flame within your heart, clear away confusion and doubt, and reveal your true nature as perfect and timeless Being. Replete with new colour photos and Mooji’s mystical ink drawings, White Fire is an unsparing light for complete Self-realisation.
The Mala of God unveils the intimate, mystical ways of the praying heart, and provides insight for those yearning to discover their true nature. Including over 100 powerful prayers and blessings, complemented by Mooji’s drawings and handwritten sayings throughout, The Mala of God provides wisdom and inspiration that sets your heart free.

New book by Mooji

Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space

We are delighted to announce the release of Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space.

In this beautiful new book, Mooji inspires and compels us to discover our true nature as pure awareness using deep inquiry, insights, wisdom teachings and parables. By offering direct pointings to Truth while addressing the common challenges that arise in our daily lives, Mooji reveals the timeless, boundless love and freedom that is the natural perfume of who we truly are.

This book is remarkable—through its profound simplicity, it simultaneously invites those new to these pointings and more mature seekers into the direct experience of the Self. Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space is filled with Mooji’s rare ability to shine light on the ineffable with his renowned clarity, humour and warmth.

You can find out more and look inside the book here

New Ebook by Mooji ~ White Fire ~ Special Offering



Dear Ones,

It is our great joy to announce the release of the ebook of White Fire—a collection of some 800 sayings which encapsulate and compress Mooji’s essential spiritual teachings into pill form.

We received many requests this year for the White Fire ebook and to celebrate its arrival we are offering a special price until 12 December

Mooji’s other ebooks, Before I Am and Writing on Water, are also reduced this week and all are available from AmazoniBooks and

If you feel in your heart to spread the word or to leave a book review please do so. Book reviews can be found here. Many thanks for all your heart-felt appreciation and support for Mooji’s beautiful books.

In loving service,  Mooji Media Publications

Release of the Mala of God by Sri Mooji

We are delighted to announce the up-coming release of The Mala of God, a book of prayers, blessings and drawings by Sri Mooji.

The Mala of God is a spiritual gift, an expression of the surrendered heart filled with prayer, devotion and gratitude to the Supreme, yet it is imbued with the unsparing wisdom and power of self-inquiry. With profound simplicity, Mooji unveils the intimate mystical ways of the praying heart and directly introduces the Formless to those yearning to discover their true nature as the Awareness God-Self. Even one prayer fully swallowed is enough to set your heart free in the infinity of Being.

In celebration of the release of this new book, you can find a beautiful piece of writing by Mooji on the power of true prayer here. You can also download a preview of the book here The Mala of God is available from

We have a new name…

Dear Friends,

You may have seen the name ‘Padam Sangha Ltd.’ appear in books by Sri Mooji, as well as in the various other media such as videos, live broadcasts and CDs that share Sri Mooji’s pointings.

‘Padam Sangha Ltd.’ is changing its name to ‘Mooji Media Ltd.’ as this name more clearly represents the role of this company within the Sangha—to share and preserve the teachings of Sri Mooji. The company remains the same in its objectives and service even though it has adopted a new name.

The publishing area previously known as ‘Mooji Media’ will now be known as ‘Mooji Media Publications’, as this more clearly reflects its focus—to publish Sri Mooji’s pointings in the written form. Mooji Media Publications falls under the umbrella of Mooji Media Ltd.

In loving service,

Mooji Media Ltd. &
Mooji Media Publications

New book coming soon!

White Fire
Spiritual insights and teachings from advaita zen master Mooji

White Fire imageWhite Fire is a collection of close to 800 sayings
which encapsulate and compress Mooji’s essential
spiritual teachings into pill form.

These end-of-the-road pointings, when swallowed,
are like divine grenades that wipe out suffering and delusion thus revealing one’s true nature
as perfect and timeless being.


“Fire burns everything leaving only ashes
But there is a fire so fierce it burns even ashes —White Fire.
Burn me like this, O White Fire, Grace of God
until nothing remains but You.”

Although White Fire is full of wise, direct and encouraging guidance, it is not for the faint-hearted seeker who is only looking to reinforce a spiritual identity or projections. For those who come with openness and a Yes in their heart for Truth, may the white fire in this book ignite within your heart, leaving only the clear space of pure seeing and being.

Available in Softcover
Publication Date 12 November, 2014
Publisher  Mooji Media Publications
Colour Edition ISBN 978-1-908408-18-1
Standard Edition ISBN 978-1-908408-19-8 
Colour Edition from
Standard Edition from Amazon and major booksellers