Book Proposal Submission
Thank you for your interest in Mooji and Mooji Media Publications. We are a small but dynamic team dedicated to sharing Mooji’s wisdom in the written form to reach those who long for Truth but may not hear of Mooji otherwise. We work in close collaboration with Mooji in an open and spontaneous way. This makes for a beautiful and fresh working environment where we endeavour to work from the Heart in service to satsang and Truth.

If you feel a calling from the Heart to work with us, please send a brief cover letter outlining your book idea. If Mooji feels a project has potential, we will ask for a more detailed book proposal. Sending us a cover letter first is helpful for several reasons:

  • We may already be developing a very similar book or using the satsang material you are considering.
  • It is essential that Mooji has given permission to use specific satsang material and that a copyright agreement is signed before work begins.
  • We may be able to support you in some way such as supplying already transcribed material or suggesting material which Mooji has expressed is a priority.

Please follow the cover letter tips and book proposal guidelines found here [click here to download PDF].

Additional Information
Please understand that at this time we cannot consider proposals which are not clearly connected with Mooji. While we will give each proposal our full consideration, we are unable to publish each one and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible either way. Please understand that this can take some time.

Currently our publishing schedule is brimming with inspired book projects which Mooji has already given his blessing. This means that if your book proposal is approved, it could take some time to publish after the completed manuscript has been received.

If you have the feeling to be a part of the Mooji Media team in another way, please email us at with your experience and interests, including any languages you are fluent in. We are growing quickly and new teams often form spontaneously in the areas such as transcribing, proofreading, editing, book design, typesetting, translating, marketing and distribution, and project managing.

In Loving Service,
Mooji Media Publications