Publishing with Mooji Media Publications

Does Mooji Media Publications publish work by anyone other than Mooji?
Currently we are only accepting submissions which include material from Satsang with Mooji in various media such as dialogues, quotes, artwork and photos. While not all our project are by Mooji, all are clearly and directly connected with Mooji.

I have a great idea for a book, how do I submit it to Mooji Media Publications?
Our publishing schedule is very full, however if you feel a calling from the Heart to work on a project which is directly and clearly connected with Mooji, please visit our Submissions page for more information.


Who do I contact about foreign rights for Mooji’s books?
If you are a publisher interested translation rights for The Mala of GodWhite Fire, Before I Am (2nd ed) or Writing on Water please contact office@moojimedia.com.  If you are interested in Breath of the Absolute, please contact Yogi Impressions at yogi@yogiimpressions.com

Can I translate Mooji’s books into my language?
Usually we only begin a translation after a publisher has acquired the language rights, however if you are a professional translator, you may contact us with your previous translation experience at office@moojimedia.com

Can I translate YouTube videos?
Those interested in translating YouTube videos can email the subtitles team for more information:  subtitles@mooji.org


Can I use Satsang material such as a book excerpt, a quote by Mooji, part of a Satsang recording, a music track etc. for my own project?
All Satsang with Mooji material such as Mooji’s voice, written words, YouTube videos, Facebook quotes, music, satsang excerpts etc. are copyright protected. If you would like to use any of Mooji’s material please contact us with the details of your project and what you would like to use on office@moojimedia.com

Editing, proofreading and transcribing

I’m an editor / writer, can I help in some way?
Those interested in editing or proofreading Mooji’s words are welcome to send an expression of interest to office@moojimedia.com in the event that more support is needed for specific projects.

I would like to transcribe Satsangs, who do I contact?
Those interested in transcribing can email the transcribing coordinator for more information on transcribe@mooji.org


Are any of Mooji’s books available as ebooks?
Yes! Before I Am (Second edition) and Writing on Water are now available as ebooks on mooji.org/shop and AmazonBreath of the Absolute is available on Amazon, and White Fire is due for release in September 2015.