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Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space


 What if all that you believe yourself to be—your body, mind, emotions and conditioning—is actually what you are not? What if this is merely a self-portrait shaped by false identification, habit and assumptions?

In Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space, Mooji inspires and compels us to discover our true nature as pure awareness using deep inquiry, insights, wisdom teachings and parables. By offering direct pointings to Truth while addressing the common challenges that arise in our daily lives, Mooji reveals the timeless, boundless love and freedom that is the natural perfume of who we truly are.

This book is remarkable—through its profound simplicity, it simultaneously invites those new to these pointings and more mature seekers into the direct experience of the Self. Vaster Than Sky, Greater Than Space is filled with Mooji’s rare ability to shine light on the ineffable with his renowned clarity, humour and warmth.

Binding Softcover
Publication Date 1 December, 2016
Publisher  Sounds True
ISBN 978-1-908408-23-5
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The Mala of God

 Mala of God cover image

The Mala of God is a collection of prayers and blessings beautifully complimented by a series of pencil and ink drawings from advaita zen master Mooji. It is more than just a book; it is a spiritual gift, an expression of the grace-filled heart brimming with prayer, devotion and gratitude to the Supreme, yet it is imbued with the unsparing clarity and power of non-dual wisdom. With profound simplicity, Mooji unveils the intimate mystical ways of the praying heart and directly introduces the Formless to those yearning to discover their true nature and unity with the Awareness God-Self. Even one prayer fully absorbed is enough to set your heart free in the infinity of Being.


Binding Softcover with gold and blind embossing, wrap, deckle edge, specialty paper and ribbon marker
Publication Date 10 August, 2015
Publisher  Mooji Media Publications
ISBN 978-1-908408-21-1
Translations Romanian
Coming soon Croatian
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White Fire

Cover Image

White Fire is a collection of some 800 sayings which encapsulate and compress Mooji’s essential spiritual teachings into pill form. These end-of-the-road pointings, when swallowed, are like divine grenades that wipe out suffering and delusion thus revealing one’s true nature as perfect and timeless being.

“Fire burns everything leaving only ashes
But there is a fire so fierce it burns even ashes —White Fire.
Burn me like this, O White Fire, Grace of God,
until nothing remains but You.”

Although White Fire is full of wise, direct and encouraging guidance, it is not for the faint-hearted seeker who is only looking to reinforce a spiritual identity or projections. For those who come with openness and a Yes in their heart for Truth, may the white fire in this book ignite within your heart, leaving only the clear space of pure seeing and being.

Available in Softcover and ebook
Publication Date 12 November, 2014
Publisher  Mooji Media Publications
Colour Edition ISBN 978-1-908408-18-1
Standard Edition ISBN 978-1-908408-19-8 
Translations Hungarian, Spanish, Turkish
Coming soon Czech, Dutch, Romanian
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Before I Am

Before I Am is a selection of dialogues between Mooji, a warm-hearted spiritual master, and seekers of peace, truth and freedom. Mooji responds to questioners as they speak of fear, suffering, confusion, relationships, spiritual practice and how to live their lives in peace. Yet it is Mooji’s unsparing pointing to Truth through the method of self-inquiry, which forms the essence of this book.

This second edition expands upon the first with 100 pages of previously unpublished dialogues, fresh quotes, brush drawings and photographs.

Available in Hardcover, Softcover and ebook
Publication Date September 1, 2012
Publisher  Mooji Media Publications
ISBN 978-1-908408-13-6
Edition Expanded
Translations Dutch, German, Hungarian, Italian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish
Coming soon French, Hindi, Polish, Slovenian
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Writing on Water

Writing on Water is a treasure trove of spontaneous utterances, insights and drawings gathered over the past decade from Mooji’s notebooks, private meetings, and Satsangs held around the world. It is an outpouring of creative joy from one of those rare beings gracing this planet who is not only awake, but is also able drive the mind back into its source through the authority of his words and presence.

Available in Hardcover and Softcover
Publication Date August 15, 2011
Publisher  Mooji Media Publications
ISBN 978-1-908408-00-6
Translations Czech, French, Serbian
Coming soon Greek
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Breath of the Absolute

In Breath of the Absolute, Mooji invites you to take a fresh look at yourself. Of all the subjects debated within the scope of human interest, the one undisputed fact is that we exist. What is not questioned is: As what do we exist? In this book, Mooji will push your mind beyond conceptual bickering into the pulsating clarity of the Unthinkable.

Available in Softcover
Publication Date January 1, 2010
Publisher  Yogi Impressions
ISBN 978-81-88479-61-0
Translations Czech, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Lithuanian, Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish
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